I attribute my beginnings as an artist to photography.  As a social studies teacher, I loved traveling the world and capturing cultural insights with my lens.  With the advent of Photoshop the door was opened to unlimited creative image making. Membership in the local photo club provided extra incentive with prizes and exhibitions that I enjoyed.  Photography lets one look at the world through line, texture, shape, and color so it’s a natural springboard to mixed media art. 


Someone once described me as a hummingbird because I flitted around from this to that.  The same is true in art.  I love the tactile interaction provided by work in polymer clay with its many permutations especially jewelry making inspired by ethnic design.  Printing making with the Gelli plate inspires experimentation with its unpredictability.  Art journaling and collage provide that exercise in composition, color, and layering.  The lack of discipline and the emphasis on process give me confidence to enter the world of mixed media mayhem. 

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